Saturday, December 11, 2010

My ultimate holiday gift for you all.

When I give a gift, I give it right, dig? I found this picture of this AWESOME ASS person and I had to share with you all. As soon as I saw this, I immediately assumed that two twin brothers were born to a proud momma, grew up, and one was embraced by a stodgy Ventrue, and the other by a beyond-wily Ravnos.

Obviously, he is ancient, powerful, and absolutely swimming in pussy. You have no idea how badly I want to make a Christmas card out of this picture and mail it to every single household in the lower 48 states. Merry Christmas time, folks, you are all so very welcome.

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Anonymous said...

I know not how I ended up in here nor what mental processes I went through to actually make the decision to leave a comment but there goes...

Is that one of the Belushi bros or what? The one who OD'd, isn't it?

Who knows maybe the bloodsuckers DID actually snatch him moments before his soul departed its mortal vessel and embraced him obviously because he was too iconic to let die at such a young age.

Though this guy would probably fit into clan Malkavian better than any else.