Sunday, December 19, 2010

Get your Tron on.

Youtube seems to have lifted time limits on their videos altogether! This is both good and bad for me.
You see, rendering this 35 minute video took me over four hours. Uploading it to Youtube? Over an hour and a half. So yea, this shit takes some time (About five and a half hours for you math majors out there!). I love giving more content in my videos, but that is just a BIT ridiculous for me, so I think my Youtube stuff will be staying at around 15-20 minutes, with longer videos whenever I feel more chatter is needed. Maybe if I had a more spiff computer these times would decrease, so who knows.

I wanna do a comparison!

                                           NUCLEAR CLOWN TV         NUCLEAR CLOWN RADIO
                 Record time:                 30 Minutes                              Around 75-90 Minutes
                 Edit time:                 30 Minutes to 1 Hour                       5 Minutes...maybe
                 Rendering Time:               4+ Hours                                  10-15 Minutes
                 Internet Upload Time:      1.5 Hours                              30 Minutes...maybe
                 Overall Content:        Around 30 Minutes                           Over 1 Hour

So it takes me way less time to complete a podcast than to complete a video, and you end up getting twice or thrice the amount of bang for your buck, so expect more Podcasts than Videos. Very cool of Youtube though for axing the time limit!

Anyways, enjoy!

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