Thursday, August 30, 2012


-The trials and tribulations of proving that you're not a robot!
-Modern Vampires are pussies!
-All this time and still dreaming and jocking!
-A truly majestic Hall of Fame!
-Who killed UFC 151?
-Guilds and Wars and 80 levels of chipmunk midget frustration!
-On the Irradiated ipod this week: Faith No More tells us how to dispose of some pesky residue from crime scenes anywhere with a song from their severely underrated album King For a Day, Fool for a Lifetime, it's "Evidence!"

Monday, August 27, 2012

Your presence has been formally requested at the First Annual Nuclear Clown Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony!

As President, CEO, Board of Director member and primary stock holder of NUCLEAR CLOWN INCORPORATED, I have come to realize something about myself as a Wrestling Fan: I like shit that nobody likes.

As such, it is with great honor and humility that I proudly introduce the OFFICIAL NUCLEAR CLOWN PRO WRESTLING HALL OF FAME. Each year, an esteemed council of Pro Wrestling experts, fans and judges will tirelessly review BILLIONS of possible candidates from the entire spectrum of pro wrestling history, and induct a rare few who have the gumption, legendary status, as well as mental fortitude to exceed the sport and become absolutely true legends in this hallowed industry.

Translation: I will induct people that I like. Most of which “real” wrestling fans will most likely laugh at me for liking.

As I sit here typing this, I am in a full tuxedo, dressed to the gills with my big fat bald head waxed to a pearly shine. This is a black tie affair, and I do hope that you are properly dressed for the occasion. You all changed and Ventrue-ish? Excellent. Now, it is with great pride that I present to you the VERY FIRST Induction of theClass of 2012…


Now, when I first saw Norman Smiley wrestle, I was immediately fascinated with his shoes. This is tremendously gay, I know, but he wore these old style amateur wrestling shoe type dealies that just immediately grabbed my attention. He didn’t have too much flavor to him at first, but he did this really great looking swinging body slam that was very cool looking, so I kept my eye on him and his awesome freaking shoes.

I’ve often said that being a good, proficient wrestler in the ring is all well and good, but means very little if you don’t have SOME kind of character to pair with it. This isn’t simply an athletic display like the Olympics, but it’s more a show, like a circus or gladiatorial event. You need style, panache, and all that good stuff to REALLY stand out, not just sweet moves or technical proficiency. Norman had that shit down fine, but he needed some flash, and he certainly got some when he developed THE BIG WIGGLE. I should never want to see another man perform this hip-motion ever in my life, but my god, man, it fills me with glee every time.

Another thing about Normal Smiley I really like? The guy has a great voice. He’s this calm and articulate and relaxed fellow. The guy could read me a bedtime story and I’d be asleep for days. I will boldly predict that if Norman Smiley worked suicide prevention hotlines, he would CURE SUICIDE. His name is SMILEY for crying out loud. Who would ever want to die after talking with a man named Smiley?

You are the VERY first ever inductee to my Hall of Fame, Norman. If I was a rich man I would build an official Hall of Fame building and have your awesome shoes in a glass case for the masses to marvel at. Welcome home.

*AUDIENCE REACTION: Respectful and polite applause as well as numerous Big Wiggle interpretations throughout the crowd*

Our second inductee is of particular importance to myself and my penis. As a young boy, I lost literal gallons of precious seed to her perky smile and astonishing gyrations. The WCW Nitro girls were a vastly awesome idea in my opinion, and they always added to the show because they were used sparsely here or there, returning from a commercial break for a quick dance-session or the like. If they were around nowadays, they would eat up 10 minute segments on Raw and quickly grow tiresome, but WCW did it right.

Everyone had a favorite Nitro Girl. There were a bunch to choose from, most of which, to me, were silly looking cardboard cut-outs. Long hair, big, rock hard bolted on fake boobs, and zero, and I mean ZERO personality or style. However, amid the endless sea of plastic and ex-strippers there was a gleaming light that I was immediately drawn to every Monday Nite, and she is our second induction this evening.


Seriously. Look at her. Look. At. Her. LOOK AT HER!

Spice always came across to me as less a human being and more some magical woodland fairy creature that would flitter and prance about the majestic lands of some D&D misty glade, sprinkling horny-dust all over the place and forever evading the lurking sexual predators of said forest (which were giant and bald and fat and all named Dave for some reason).

Of all the Nitro girls, she actually had her own vibe and flavor to her. She stood out, because she didn’t have giant fake hoots or long hair. She had her own style, her own personality, and is the Nitro Girl that launched a thousand boners that all happened to belong to me. Growing up, nobody I talked to about wrestling ever knew who Spice was. I felt like I was the only one who cared about the poor dear, but I know I am not alone in my wild longings to crush her bones to fine powder during a copious and sloppy session of lard-covered Dave-loving. The wrestling community may have overlooked you, my dear woman, but I never will, and I proudly welcome you as the First lady of the Nuclear Clown Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame.

*AUDIENCE REACTION: Hushed gasps and whispers as security is required to remove Dave from the stage after a prolonged session of “Air-Humping”*

Well, now that all that Air Humping is outta my system…

Modern day wrestling seems to be some distant offspring to what I once used to watch and enjoy as a youth. Of all the things that wrestling nowadays lacks that it used to have, the one thing I miss most has got to be the simple and long neglected use of Managers and Valets.

Sure, the Joker is cool and all that, but isn’t he just THAT much better with Harley Quinn at his side, bopping around and being cute? Pro wrestling is about characters and illusions and stories, and nothing brings those characters to life better than supporting characters to further define the idea you are trying to express to an audience with a Wrestler.  Which brings us to our third induction for the evening…


If you were to ask me who my all time favorite wrestler is, I might give you a different answer each day of the week. However, I can promise you that on at least two of those days, my answer would be Goldust & Marlena. Surely you will say “But, Dave, Marlena ain’t no wrestler!” and I would agree. However, this character of the freaky, opponent-feeling-up, movie obsessed actor and his cigar smoking Director, all clad in Gold, is a package deal for me, and in my opinion, was the height of what a character should be in pro wrestling. 

I mean, really, the guy is like straight up James Bond/Batman villain level we're talking here.

Goldust stuck around for numerous years after his partnership with Marlena, but yaknow, it just wasn’t the same. He got electrocuted, teamed up with Booker T, and from time to time you’d see him on TV, but I don’t think the entire essence of the character was ever fully whole since those old glory days alongside Marlena, and as far as I’m concerned, both sides of this awesome duo deserve equal recognition for making it all work, and with that, I welcome them proudly to this elite group!

*AUDIENCE REACTION: Sheer horror as Dave tears off his Tuxedo to reveal that his entire fat and nude body has been painted gold. Horror soon turns to a sea of giggles as the women in the audience take in the ludicrously undersized sight of Dave’s flaccid and shriveled up goo launcher*

Over the course of their careers, Wrestlers often take up various identity changes in an attempt to connect with an audience. Few Pro Wrestlers can say that they have maintained the same character for the entire length of their career, and it is a rare few who do manage to completely change up their identity and become reborn as something completely, utterly different than the persona they once held fast to. Our next induction made a beyond drastic change in character that was vastly underappreciated by the wrestling community as a whole, but I not only remember it vividly, but absolutely loved it.


Alex Wright was a good looking, blond and German Master-Race-looking type of fella in WCW who came out to the ring to heinous Euro-trash techno music while dancing like a foppish and gay retard. Don’t believe me? Check it.

Now, don’t get me wrong, that dance and music are both pretty awesome, but what really takes the bacon is what Alex ended up doing after a few years of busting out such righteous dance moves. The hair got dyed black and cut in a drastic type style, he took up some goth gear and a spiffy cane and silver finger claw thingy, and BOOM, out of the blue came Berlyn, a truly underrated character that honestly never got the fair chance that it deserved during the dying days of my beloved WCW. I mean, compare the two characters for a bit, and hopefully you can appreciate as I do the complete and utter 180 done to keep himself relevant and give the fans something different. It really is impressive, all things considered, and is a downright shame that it never took off.

Don’t be sad that the wrestling community at large was not yet prepared for your awesome character, Berlyn. I will always appreciate the drastic change of persona and count it among one of the most remembered out of all the wrestling I have seen. Ich danke ihnen sehr!

*AUDIENCE REACTION: Explosion of cheers as horrid techno music begins blaring through the house speakers and Dave begins to rabidly Alex Wright-dance all over the place with a righteous fury that few could hope to match or bear witness to ever again*

Wow, this evening has been such a humbling experience. Being surrounded by these paragons of the squared circle makes me truly proud to be an American. This brings us to our final and most prestigious induction of this very first class of this hallowed hall, and one that is quite simply the essence of a complete wrestling character.


I absolutely adore Vampire: The Masquerade, so yes, I am partial to Gangrel. I even recall in some of his matches as he walked down to the ring they would place a little add in the corner of the screen with the cover of the book on it. You can imagine how awesome I thought this was, as I was one of the few outcasts in my youth who dared to play these nerd-fest roleplaying game thingies. Did an add for Dungeons & Dragons ever come up whenever Stone Cold Steve Austin or Hulk Hogan took to the squared circle? NO.

That in itself should show you just how awesome Gangrel is. Seriously, the guy had it all in my opinion. He had a character to him. He had a unique look. He had one of the GREATEST entrances in the history of wrestling, as well as the coolest entrance music that I personally have ever heard. Really, look at how awesome this entrance is!

One thing a lot of fans overlook in a wrestler is their entrance music. When you build a character, it has to be all or nothing. You can’t have a character who is a straight laced college jock type who comes out to some Rage Against the Machine knock-off—Oh, well…I…uh, I guess you can, but that doesn’t mean that you SHOULD. Gangrel’s music fit his character completely. Not only that, but it was legit a cool song! Listen to this and try your best to convince me that it doesn’t have a good groove to it. I dare you! (No matter what you say, I will not listen and continue rocking out HARD to this)

Early on, they even gave Gangrel his own faction! The Brood was pretty damn cool no matter what incarnation you choose. I mean, let’s take a look at who was in the Brood over the years, shall we? We have Edge (WWE Hall of Famer), Christian (Former Heavyweight Champion), And Jeff & Matt Hardy (Multiple time Tag champions, with Jeff even being Heavyweight champion for a bit later on). Everyone that they surrounded Gangrel with in the Brood went on to do some pretty great stuff, and if you want to know my personal theory on the subject, I still hold to the notion that Gangrel ghouled them all, giving them a dot of Potence and a small taste of his unholy power!

Gangrel’s finisher was also very cool, and was stolen by like…BILLIONS of wrestlers to come. So, there’s that as further case to his greatness.

Gangrel is still out there someplace, undoubtedly stalking for prey, and it is my honor to induct him into my Hall of Fame. Also, if I wasn’t already long ago embraced into Clan Nosferatu, I would want Gangrel to be my Sire. Thank you all for attending this most important event, and congratulations to the first ever Class of the Nuclear Clown Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame!

*Audience Reaction: Mild annoyance and general muttering as the crowd files out of the building, disappointment clearly written all over their face. Dave stands triumphantly on stage, fist raised high in the air in that Freddy Mercury pose, with obviously over-dubbed applause piped in through the house speakers as confetti rains down from the ceiling and into Dave’s mouth. Wait, that isn’t confetti. Those are Wheat Thins*

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


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-The boring lives of model-humping, center-of-the-earth-commuting invincible robot builders!
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-On the Irradiated ipod this week: Megadeth takes us on safari with the title song from their classic and NON-REMASTERED gem, let's all check our watches for this "Countdown to Extinction!"

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The difference 8 months can make!

Less than a year ago, this enormous box cost 150 American Dollars.

I just bought this Star Wars: The Old Republic Collector's Edition for 1/5th of that price. That's right, 30 dollars! There is a very nice sale going on at GAMESTOP where they are trying to get rid of these, so I hopped all over that. To my knowledge, it's ONLY at Gamestop and you have to actually go there physically and buy it (I don't think this sale works by ordering from them online, but don't quote me on that).

Now, The Old Republic is going free to play in the fall, so you may be thinking "Dave, why are you buying what you can get for free?"

Good question! The Answer is, when the game goes free and TOR introduces Cartel Coins, those who have the Collector's Edition will get +1,000 Cartel Coins for free. Also, the box comes with a Month of game time, as well as giving you access to in-game Goodies that I have been wanting since the game launched (Mainly the Imperial Trooper Armor). 

So, to me, getting a month of game time, as well as 1,000 Cartel Coins extra when the game does go free to play, as long as getting a really nice deal for a really big box, I figure it was well, well worth it. 

What's in that big ol' box? Well...not too much. Check it.

Is it just me, or does the ipad take REALLY grainy pictures? Seriously...
We get the game in a nice black tin kinda box thingy (which I think looks very sleek and impressive), the soundtrack to the game, a neat hard cover book (that has some setting info via the Journal of some Jedi fella that I probably won't ever read), a Physical Security Key (to keep your account info safe), and a pretty hefty statue of everyone's favorite False Emperor, Darth Malgus.

You also get access to in game Collector's Edition Vendors, as well as the aforementioned Cartel Coin boost. The box also comes with a Galactic map that is kinda...well...dinky, and a few Jedi Temple blueprints that I don't care about and are not pictured. 

All in all, there is NO way I would ever pay 150 bucks for this stuff. The Malgus statue is okay, but I would have preferred a bust of him with the hood up (Bust-statues, in my opinion, seem more grand and regal that full body stuff). Having a full-figure statue of the guy just reminds me of how much he looks, well, EXACTLY like Darth Vader. Come on, guys, you have to make your signature characters unique, not just lame rip-offs.

Anywho, I would have liked if there were a Darkside Collector's Box and a Lightside collector's box, and the Lightside version of the box could have come with a Satele Shan (or however you spell her name) figure. I would have chose that one instead (I like girls a lot). Having two versions of the Collector's Edition would mean more money for the game (As I could see many complete-ists shelling out 300 bucks to buy both versions), as well as a cool option depending on if you're a galactic tree hugging hippie or a cold-hearted Imperial sympathizer. Woulda been nice!

Star Wars: The Old Republic goes Free-to-Play this fall, which is pretty neat in my opinion, and I will continue with my paid subscription for the time being and see how things go. As for the Collector's Edition, I don't regret getting this for 30 bucks in the least. Thanks, Gamestop!

Note: I play TOR on "The Shadowlands" server. My main characters there are "Naydo" the Bounty Hunter and "Confidential" the Imperial Agent. Come say hi!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


-How to end the world (Part 1)!
-Death to the chicken man!
-O, Jack Tunney, where art thou? 
-Requiem for a Cyberballer!
-Free republic for all!
-Cold coffee and the fast food war against gay marriage!
-On the Irradiated ipod this week: Primitive Radio Gods teaches us the finer points of the fairer sex with the opening number from their album Rocket, here come the "Women!"

The OFFICIAL Nuclear Clown Incorporated NBAQ

Some places have FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), but no one cares about me or what I do, so this is more of a NBAQ (Never Before Asked Questions). I will periodically update this when I think of more questions that no one will ever ask me. Enjoy!

What the hell is your problem?
Too many to list accurately. Next question.

Where did you come up with the name Nuclear Clown?
When I was thinking up a YouTube account name, I didn’t want to do a name with numbers in it (SexyDavey9293, for instance) and wanted something that was easy to remember and also not taken. I thought that “Nuclear Clown” was nice and ridiculous, and would not be taken on Youtube. I was correct. Also, I love games like Fallout, and generally stuff that is set in post-apocalyptic type times/settings, so there’s that.

Who’s the Clown Girl?
That’s Atomic Angie. She is my mascot. You see, I am a very ugly looking man, and know that it is a herculean task to gaze upon my ugliness in Youtube videos, so I plaster pictures of a hot babe with big hoots all over my Videos to ease the pain to any viewers who stumble across my videos or website.

What’s with Atomic Angie, anyway? Sometimes she has a beauty mark, other times not.
Angie isn’t actually a Clown. Like me, she is a Mutant. Her clown-like appearance is a side effect of the radiation permeating New Jersey. Therefore, her hair is prone to change color at random, beauty marks sometimes appear/vanish/switch sides on her face, and her mouth has also been entirely known to vanish. This fun fact explains all variations of her appearance, though no form of radiation is strong enough to dilute the pure suppleness of her rack. This I can assure you with all manner of science.

Do you have Facebook?
No. Some years ago I tried Facebook for the sole purpose of creepily keeping tabs on girls I wanted to mate with in High School, but never really actively used it for much more. I do not have a Facebook account, and stick to YouTube and Twitter.

Have you ever had any formal art training?
No, I’ve never been to any manner of art school. This is why my stuff is so technically horrible. Stay in school, kids.

What equipment do you use to make the art that is plastered all over your dumb website?
Pencils and Inks I do by hand with colors done via computer. I use normal shit pencils and normal shit Pilot V-5 pens for thin lines, V-7’s for thicker lines, and normal shit Sharpie thick markers for larger areas. My inking is generally crappy, and I have been trying to find better pens. I recently tried a brush-like type pen, but I don’t like using it. All coloring is done via Photoshop 6.0 (I know, it’s ancient).

Do you do commissions? How much would something like that cost?
I am poor, so yes. As for pricing, it would depend on the complexity of what you wanted. Further inquiries about commissions should go to

Why do you film your dreadful videos in Black & White?
My complexion sucks and my face is all blotchy and pink and gross. Beyond this, I think it stands out a bit and gives my videos a sort of theme and look to them. I also like the classic type style of black and white. Also-not to be all emo and Counting Crows references aside, grey is my favorite color.

What equipment do you use to make your dumb YouTube videos and Podcasts?
My Camera is the Sony Bloggie MHS-CM5. My Microphone is the Audio-Technica 2020 USB Condenser Microphone that plugs right into my computer. For Video editing I use Sony Vegas Studio Platinum 9.0.

The audio mic on the Bloggie sucks and has a constant clicking sound, so I record the audio directly into Sony Vegas, then synch up the Audio tracks during editing. The Bloggie has no exterior mic plug in, so I need to either get a better camera that does or use this obnoxious method. Since I am poor and won’t be getting a new camera anytime soon, obnoxious method it is!

The Mic Stand I use I got at a music store for about 30 bucks. The pop filter I use I got off a music website and it was about 20. The shock mount I use for the Microphone costs about the same.

For my Podcast I record the entire thing using the free Audio program called Audacity, which I would highly recommend for all your podcasting needs.

What is best in life?
To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.

That is good! Now, do you smoke or drink or do drugs?
No, scarcely, and no. I drink on quite rare occasion, and even then, I don’t drink a lot. I refrain from these activities not for any noble philosophical virtue or reason, they just never appealed to me.  

Are you religious?
I’m not religious, nor would I consider myself an Atheist. I think the term agnostic would apply closest to me in this particular situation.

Why did you shave your head?
My hair was falling out of my head and I would rather shave it all off than cling desperately to a crumbling hairline.

When do you record your Podcast?
There is no real set schedule. I really do try to do 4 Podcasts a Month, though. Sometimes I manage to succeed at this, and other times I don't. This isn't because I'm so wildly busy or anything, it's just that I am lazy and very bad at sticking to any sort of schedule.