Friday, October 29, 2010

Nobody gives the slightest shit what I think.

I always swore I would never do a blog, because nobody cares about my opinions/political views/religious beliefs/convictions/moral compass/preference of mayonaise or miracle whip (Miracle Whip, by the way). So, that being said, you can soundly deduce that I am a fucking liar, because now I'm trying to get a Blog together.

Most times I try to be a nice person, but once in a while, I will completely and totally go back on a vow I have emphaticallty sworn at some time or another (Like when I proudly proclaimed, as a teenager who weighed far less than I do currently that I would never, ever do that "Stupid, faggy aol instant messenger bullshit"). This is one of those whiles.

So, now that I've went back on another life-promise, we can get to business. This Blog is what I hope will be a combination of everything I do online. I have a Youtube channel and I will see if I can have the videos I make on there be linked through this blog, and I also am looking into doing a podcast on a somewhat regular basis (I'm lazy and fat, so my "regular basis" window is to interpretation).

I try not to make a Youtube video about every little thing that crosses my mind, because I’m too lazy to set up my mic and camera and crap to record each dumb ass thought I have, so a Blog is perfect for me to express these little outbursts without spending a good few hours uploading videos. I hope this place will become a nice little happy medium of Blogs, Videos, and Podcasts, giving you the ULTIMATE NUCLEAR CLOWN EXPERIENCE(!), and I will do everything in my power to make that work out, but you must understand that I’m technologically stupid, and will be taking slow, funny looking baby steps to get there eventually.

So yea, that being said, I’m going to tinker around with this crap and try to get something fun and happy and spiff up to make the internet that much more radioactive.

Bombs away.