Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I proudly bring to you NIGHT TRAP and DOUBLE SWITCH

On this week's podcast I mention my absolute love of the old ass Sega CD games Night Trap and Double Switch. I may not be able to bring you the high five video, but I can hook all my little Nukelings and Nukelettes up with two of the greatest cinematic achievements ever!


You're welcome!


Adrian said...

You know what? I believe extremely cheap film based on the Night Trap could be funny - crappy special effects, laughable traps, bizarre weapons for poor ogres... How can you fail in that?

Nuclear Clown said...

Absolutely! I mean, look at the absolute crap movies that the SyFy channel pukes out. How much worse could Night trap be in film?

I guess it will be up to me to make a Night Trap movie!

Actually...judging from how the new versions of Star wars and Indiana Jones have just desecrated my childhood, maybe they'd better just leave it alone :]