Friday, December 24, 2010

Print is dead. Egon said this in Ghostbusters. Turns out he was right, and that was a quarter of a century ago.

Okay, I literally have no reason to post this picture, beyond it being funny as all heck. So, what I'll do is try and pass it off as some sort of Christmas Eve message. When I was 19 years old I found this picture in the newspaper sports section, and I immediately had to have it. I grabbed a pair of scissors and immediately snipped this bad boy out. I've had it ever since that time. Truth be told, I still have it hanging on my wall, because it makes me happy.

There's so much awesome shit going on in this one photograph it's insane. The Coach (At least I THINK it's the Coach. I mean, if it's just a random fan or something then this photo has a whole new set of layers of funny to it) has this supremely whimsical look/smile on his face, and he even is doing a sort of leg-bend type thingy, like in the movies when a girl gets kissed all romantic like, and their one leg bends upwards.

I also love the one guy in the crowd in the glasses and black and white shirt who has the only proper look to have given the situation he is viewing. That look, right there, is the absolute avatar of a "What the fuck is this gay shit?" reaction.

This picture is special to me because nowadays physically finding something in a magazine or newspaper is pretty much never going to happen again.

I mean, I used to have a stack of Maxim/FHM/Insert non-porno titty mag here books laying around that I would use RESEARCH AND SUCH with. For example, I bought TWO copies of the FHM with Catherine Bell on the cover (I still have one in the bag around here somewhere) and that shit is like my BIBLE. Don't remember that one? Allow me to refresh the memory.

Nowadays, I can just pop into Google and type "Hot ass pictures of new hot piece of short-haired ass #9" and get pages and pages of completely free pictures without ever having to visit a newstand. It's very spiff and rather convenient, but it's kind of sad that print is so much less of an important medium. Hell, in 2010/2011 it's goddamn inconvenient to have to lug around a magazine, when ipads and laptops are so much damn sexier.

Alright, I'm beginning to sound like an old coot again.

My point is, this awesomely gay picture of these guys hugging it out is special to me because I didn't find it online, but trimmed the thing out myself from a newspaper. It's almost a damn relic! Anyways, I hope the picture makes you laugh on this Eve of Christmas, and happy holidays to all you folks out there. And damn, even after all this time, that FHM cover of the lovely Catherine Bell makes me giddy. That girl is legit spiff.

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Busted many a load to Catherine's FHM