Tuesday, May 21, 2013


-The Great Brain Stomp of 2013!
-How to throw a proper wedding, Lannister style!
-Old Republic 2.1 fashion and the lofty cost of being a collector! 
-Repopulating the sandbox?
-In the court of the Rosted King!
-Remember the FOXFIRE!
-Dreams of a Dragonless age and how to properly introduce your critter!
-On the Irradiated ipod this week: We get paroled with our good buddies at Tin Machine, as they play a song from their eponymous debut album, here comes "Prisoner of Love"!


Anonymous said...

My sister visited me recently and as a surprise gift lent me her Song of Ice and Fire book collection (Game of Thrones is based on them), I've already burned through a couple of them. I must say that the author - George Martin - went quite far to make the world, the characters and the story coherent, for example Stannis's motivation for not shadow killing Joffrey is there and seems rational. The plot is seriously overcomplicated though. I guess that Martin is compensating for his writing for Twilight Zone.

Nuclear Clown said...

A friend of mine has read the books thus far, so I know a bit of what's to come down the road. What kills me about the show and my little knit picks is that it would take TWO seconds to clear up some of these questions, but they go about these long and protracted ways of storytelling and it bogs the show down immensely, in my opinion.

I kind of think it's a crappy idea doing the show BEFORE the books are done. If memory serves there are 5 out of 7 books written?

You KNOW that people's reaction to the show will have an outcome on the written storyline sooner or later, and I think that certainly will come to play in the end-books.

Ooooooh, please tell me the reason? I am a moron and won't ever read these books, so please tell me why the unstoppable shadow baby got lost trying to hitch-hike home to Momma!

That would be an awesome reason!

Stannis: Hey, where's my unstoppable shadow baby?

Melissandra: He texted me earlier and he got lost. Time to leech up some balls!

Thanks for the listen and the comment!

Anonymous said...

Good job Dave! You were on a rampage in May. Four podcasts, three NCTV videos and a blog post. The spring definitely revitalized you. Unfortunately the summer is just behind the corner...

Nuclear Clown said...

Thank you!

May was probably one of the heaviest content-months for this site ever(ish)!

It is odd, because I say how in the winter I am so much more active, but this past Winter sucked as far as updates to the site over the last few wintery months.

Hopefully I can do better moving forward!