Monday, March 4, 2013


-Birth of the Spirit Hawk!
-Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ford Fairlane!
-Sega VHS Delivery Service and the fourth station of play!
-The convenient freedom of Mickey Jo Braveheart!
-Team Kitana or Team Mileena?
-Welcome home, Bat'leth Barry!
-Holograms, Reptoids & that big ol' hollow moon!
-On the Irradiated ipod this week: Primus plays us out this week from a chapter from their album Tales From the Punchbowl, here comes one low-flying "Southbound Pachyderm"!

BONUS #1: I refuse to be excited for Playstation 4 until Sony sends me a VHS tape of some kooky shit just like SEGA did for me when I was a kid. Check this wild mess out!

BONUS #2: This is a really thorough, fun documentary about the Mortal Kombat franchise, going through the timeline of all things sold to us with the MK Dragon on it.

BONUS #3: If you happen to have about 7 hours to spare, I do suggest checking this out. David Icke is always interesting to listen to lay down some vibrational goodness. Well good stuff!


Anonymous said...

Lol, I wonder how Icke protects himself from illuminati he exposes. I imagine he is assaulted daily by reptilians and people in power trying to silence him.

Anonymous said...

I've watched large parts of Icke's movie you linked, reasonably interesting stuff, less grim that Alex's rants (maybe thanks to the reptilian element), but also less informative imo, Jones throws in a lot of surprising, verifiable facts.

Maybe it's partly because you often mention Alex Jones, but I feel that all popular internet people that talk about freedom (in sense of living without people imposing their will on others) either are conspiracy weirdos or are labeled as such and it really hurts popular perception of the idea of liberty. David Icke doesn't help, I start to feel that he may well be a reptilian agent...

Nuclear Clown said...

@Anonymous 1: Obviously, Mister Icke protects himself with an anti-lizard samurai sword and magical charms to ward off the oppressive effects of these scaled horrors and their nefarious schemes :]

@Anonymous 2: I don't agree with everything Alex Jones or David Icke talk about, but I find both of them to be completely interesting people to listen to nonetheless. I think both, overall, are espousing positive messages, even if the intricate particulars may seem a bit far fetched. Entertaining stuff, all around!

Thanks, both of you anonymous folks, for listening/watching/commenting!