Monday, March 11, 2013


-Bestest Spring ever?
-Language skill barriers and the face-licking goodness of Chaos inspired shipping!
-The Galactic Republic wants you (to get to level 50 before the expansion)!
-Thank you, Suzanne Vega!
-A fabulous The Next Day sneak peek and pseudo listening par-tay review!
-BREAKING NEWS: The Walking Dead gets supremely rare mad props from The Irradiated One!
-The Funeral Parlor for a friend!
-On the Irradiated ipod this week: Megadeth plays some fabulous board games with us and plays us a nice little trim from their underrated effort Risk, it's "Ecstasy"!

BONUS: I dare you to sit through this. No, seriously. I proudly and majestically present, for your viewing pleasure: George Anton's DRACULA! On a side note, I actually know the font that this movie uses. It is called Bleeding Cowboys. I use photoshop sometimes, so I know some fonts.



Anonymous said...

Hello IO, I have a question. At the very end of the intro song of NCR is that violin from music of Arcanum computer game? Your intro constantly reminds me of this rpg.

Nuclear Clown said...

Hello there!

I've never played the Arcanum RPG computer game before, and the violin sample is one of the pre-generated sound clip thingies from the Garage Band app for the ipad/

What's the Arcanum RPG about? Is it neat?

Anonymous said...

I have good memories of Arcanum even if I only played it for a couple of hours. It's over 10 years old rpg with interface and mechanics a bit similar to Baldur's Gate's, the game is settled in kind of victorian universe with fantasy elements, Arcanum has steampunk technology and magic and they are opposing forces.

All in all I can't say I know this game well, but it's violin music surely caught my ear.

Anonymous said...

When the Wind Blows - good movie - .