Wednesday, January 5, 2011

You too can be just like me!

In my newest Youtube video I am wearing the FINEST GARMENT IN THE HISTORY OF CLOTHING, a T-shirt repping my absolutely FAVORITE game ever (No, not BLOODRAYNE-that's Jeff Jarrett's favorite game, silly) NIGHT TRAP! I didn't want to advertise for this shirt until I could verify that it's a quality deal, and it fits like a charm and comes pre-shrunk and all that good stuff! Yay for me and my wardrobe! I share my good fortune with you, and here is the ebay link to the shirt so you can get it yourself. The shirt is ten bucks and shipping is like 5, so it will only cost you about 15 dollars to at least double your cool factor.

The link? Oh yea, here it is!

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