Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year gift for you!

Being that I rarely drink and don't have anything that could be mistaken for any kind of social life, my New Year's Eve/Day is spent in utter joy watching the Twilight Zone Marathon on television. Now, not all of these episodes are winners, and a lot of them are pretty tedious, but when they're good, they are downright fantastic.

I always liked black and white television for some reason. I think it looks so classy, and maybe I'm just messed up in the head or something, but I also think that women look particularly beautiful in those old black and white type shows. I also do my Youtube videos in Black and White as sort of a tribute to the general classic feel of the era, and sitting down and watching the Twilight Zone marathon for a good few hours is one of the only real traditions (Besides my daily trek to [insert fast food establishment here] for my daily intake of artery clotting sludge) that I actually have.

So since I'm probably the only sober one on the Internet right now, I will post up one of my very favorite Twilight Zone Episodes. As you would expect, you have to stick with this one until the end to really get the whole kick of it.

When you eventually sober up and watch this, you can thank me for starting off your 2011 with some cool stuff. Happy brand new year!

PS-Hot cakes for 60 cents? I would put this fucking place out of business in two hours.

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