Tuesday, November 9, 2010

This video made a man outta me.

Ah, 1996. I was 16, had a full head of hair, had yet to give in to the dark side of absolute obesity, and was oblivious to the impending cataclysm that would eventually become my life. It was a time before porn was readily available to me, and I was not quite old enough to skulk around the adult section of a video store in search of breasts without fear of being ousted.

I've always thought that Shirley Manson was one hot slice of fine, and she was in her absolute prime in the mid-90's, bringing that fantastic blend of pug ugly with mind blowing sexy, to create a strange sort of super hybrid sex kitten that made my gonads explode each time I saw her.

In fact, I loved her so much that I sat through the goddamn VH1 fashion awards to watch her sing some, and she rewarded me by practically flashing me at around the 3 minute mark of her performance. I cannot tell you how many VCRs I broke rewinding this shit again and again, to stare longingly at this magnificent woman's almost-full boob profile.

So now I share this with you, my friends. You youngsters will undoubtedly find it funny that this little sudden boob flash was so exciting to me back then, but then again, you come from an age where the hot babes of your time routinely record themselves sucking off their boyfriends in crystal clear HD and flashing their snatches on every other car exit.

The moral of the story is, naturally, that technology will always be wonderful, and I will always be pathetic. Enjoy!

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