Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Tattoo Review!

So on the podcast I was discussing silly Tattoos, and true to my word, here is a nice picture of AJ Styles' big ass, goofily placed tattoo. As you can see, AJ is so very proud of his silly fleshmare that he is screaming in victory.

But good ol' AJ isn't alone in silly torso-advertising, and Brock Lesnar is right up there as far as having a funny looking tattoo. However, I think people are downright doofy for thinking that Brock's "Kinda sorta Sword" looks ANYTHING like a penis. Unless, of course, your junk happens to have 4 balls lined up in a row and for some reason you have spikes jutting out of the base of your child pipe. I don't know the tactical benefit of having a brass knuckles/sword combination, but then again, my days of swordfighting for my life are far behind me.

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