Saturday, November 6, 2010

Atomic Angie is beautiful.

The other day I was tinkering around with some art to put up when I posted my first edition of NUCLEAR CLOWN RADIO, and the first thing I drew was this picture of Atomic Angie with some headphones around her neck. So after I finished this, I didn’t really think it fit the type of mood I wanted to convey with my Podcast, so I put it aside and then drew the freaky screaming yellow guy that I later ended up using as my Podcast picture.

I really like the Angie picture a lot, though, and it’s probably my favorite drawing I’ve done of her, and I figured it would be a shame to just have it laying around, so I’m posting it here so it’s not wasted. I think it’s pretty funny because I always draw Angie in pictures that showcase her enormous, downright jolly jugs, and here, this picture of just her face, is my favorite one of her that I’ve ever done. She just has this sort of sadness about her features that I think came out really good.

I never really talk much about Angie, who is the official mascot for all things Nuclear Clown, so I will dedicate this post to her!

The first thing I should point out is that I look like a Mutant, so I knew that if I was going to make a jump into doing Youtube Videos, I should really give some kind of eye candy to the viewers, and I doubt that my big fat head counts as “eye candy” of any sort to anyone.

See, girls on Youtube have it easy-a hot girl can just make a video about anything, show some cleavage, and boom, subs go through the roof. It’s a harsh reality for us ugly folk that people just don’t like looking at us, so I had to try and balance out my horrendous appearance with something far more lovely. So I made a nice, busty gal to go along with the whole clown theme, and there you have it, I squirted the lovely Angie out of my figurative creative birth canal and now she is all grown up and packing a set of Double D’s that make you wanna stand up and scream for buttermilk!  

So, from time to time I’ll just post on this site some of the Atomic Angie images that I never finish/use whatever, because damn, the girl looks spiff, and everyone likes to look at pretty stuff.

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