Wednesday, April 20, 2011


-Francis Kazarian: Spell Checker extraordinaire!
-A complete and total Terminator retrospective!
-By the swollen and painfully erect child pipe of Hades, the Sopranos ending sucked! 
-Much to Jeff Jarrett's delight, my relentless hounding of the Bloodrayne trilogy continues!
-The gut wrenching tales of my eating contest years!
-The Death of RPG Stores everyplace!
-Don't hang yourself, Eva, for I still love you!
-On the Irradiated ipod this week: A truly tubular team-up of bands plays us out this week as 764-Hero & Modest Mouse join forces to bring us their fifteen minute epic "Whenever You See Fit!"


HolidayTrees said...

("The Wrestler" spoilers below)

I have never seen an episode of "The Sopranos" much less the last episode. I do remember people talking about it at work though when it aired. If I recall, most people hated the ending.

But I just had a random thought while listening to you.

The last episode sounds a lot like the ending to "The Wrestler". Which made it obvious as shit that he died at the end. I know the person I watched it with didn't really get that so maybe there are others that don't. So to those people that think he might've lived at the end, you're dumb.

Without going into a discussion about "The Wrestler" I'll just sum up my thoughts as this: The whole movie was done from Randy's point of view. When it fades to black at the end, the movie is over because his life no longer exist. Therefore, we see no more of the story. It's done.

Could it be the same with The Sopranos? Ok, I'm sure it wasn't filmed as Mr. Soprano's point of view BUT what if he IS the Sopranos. So therefore, if he dies, there is nothing else to see? You wouldn't actually see him die cause you can't witness your own death. It just ends.

Might be dumb to analyze something I never saw but it was something that popped in my head. And I have a terrible habit of saying every little thing that I randomly think.

Nuclear Clown said...

Good point about the similar ending to The Wrestler, but there were some noticable differences.

In the Wrestler, the entire direction fo the film was leading towards his death. With his heart attack/retirement/come-back, everyone in the movie knew he was in bad shape. Heck, during the last match he was having heart issues. It wasn't exactly a mystery that he died at the end. It was done well. They didn't NEED to show him die to convey that he did die, they did all that during the film.

Now, it would be a TOTALLY different story if in The Wrestler he never had a heart attack, and they never even mentioned it. THEN if they did the fade to black thing at the end, you'd get a MUCH different reaction from the audience. It would make no sense. That is the Sopranos finale. No heart attack yet fade to black ending.

Not to mention the difference between a 2 hour movie and a 6 or 7 season TV show. Frankly put, you owe your audience a definitive ending in my opinion.

HolidayTrees said...

Yeah, for some reason I thought the mob guy died from a heart attack too? Or maybe he was just in the hospital...

Whatever, good points. The hatred of the ending for that series reminded me of the ending for Seinfeld. Which I LOVED and thought was genius. But alot of people thought it was bad. I remember arguing with people that thought it was stupid and couldn't stop myself from saying "Don't you get it!? They were in hell! They died!! They were mostly bad people and now they are stuck together in ONE cell to contemplate everything they have done".

It's different than the Sopranos in that the Seinfeld finale was actually definite. But it's also the same because people seemed to think it was either bad or good.

Nuclear Clown said...

I've never seen a single episode of Seinfeld ever. Not even a single minute of that show. No real particular reason, it's just one of the billion "I can't believe you never saw that, you dumb moron!" things that I got going on.