Saturday, April 2, 2011

Atomic Angie is Beautiful Part 2

Eventually I may update this picture with Ink and some color, or maybe post the stages of the picture as I go, I'm not sure. I drew this just now and I like it a lot, so I'm gonna throw it up on the site cuz everyone loves them some Angie! My scanner picks up pencil like GARBAGE, so this scan didn't come out very smooth, but you get the idea. If I do decide to ever finish this, I'll be sure to post the Inked Version, then the Detailed Ink version, then the various color versions. It should be neat...assuming I finish it, that is!
Stage 2: I do an ink outline. I use crappy normal pens that you can buy at staples. I use the Pilot v5 for thin lines and the Pilot v7 for outlines/thicker bits, and good ol' Sharpie black markers for filling in larger black spaces. Eventually I want to invest on some professional pens and really work on my inking. I'm not too thrilled with it at the moment, but I'm slow to adapt to new equipment.
Stage 3: After doing a basic ink outline, I erase the pencil beneath. Notice the smudge near her cheek (that's what I get for not cleaning my eraser.) I really need to find a pressure sensitive pen so my linework can be more varied-it sucks having to do the varying thickness yourself. Maybe someday I will wise up!
Stage 4: I use a Sharpie Fine Point marker to fill in the big areas of black that are too big to do in a thinner tip. I leave some room at the edges because the marker has a tendency to spread and bleed if too close to an outline's edge.
Stage 5: I use the Pilot v7 to do the outline and make her bolder, while using the v5 to do the thinner lines and detail. Generally now I just tighten up the image and fill in the gaps I left for the Sharpie/enhance the detail here or there. Also cleaned up some smudges and other small markings via photoshop. This is the final stage for my inking.
Stage 6: Here is the basic coloring template I'll be working with. I did some shine on the hair and eyelids as well, but it's pretty solid, basic stuff at this point. The final stage is just throwing in some color detail and adding a last layer of detail on Photoshop (I use 6.0 presently because I am a Caveman, you see.)
Stage 7: The last layer is a light grey detail here or there, and also a sort of ghostly blue outline around Angie's white skin (It works for some reason.) I also added a little detail here or there color-wise, cleaned up some spots, and darkened the entire image to make it stand out a bit more. So, there you have it, folks, seven degrees of Atomic Angie from conception to gooey, sloppy, disgusting birth from my Pencil/Pen/Photoshop womb!

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