Friday, June 26, 2015


-The rise and fall of Dracula's Playhouse!
-Irradiated bible study!
-Rand Paul: Woman h8r!
-Judy Jetson and the Sons of Anarchy!
-Doogie Howser's best friend, The Kingpin!
-Tales from the 80's?
-Welcome back, Fallout!
-On the Irradiated ipod this week: David Bowie puts on quite a live performance from the album Ziggy Stardust: The Motion Picture, opening their stirring and final set with "Hang Onto Yourself"!

BONUS: I talk about my rabid Shirley Manson obsession growing up in this episode, and this performance in particular only exacerbated the condition...especially at around the 3 minute mark! 


Anonymous said...

Hey Dave! Have you played Space Station 13? Its kind of multiplayer sci fi rpg with roguelike graphics and gameplay. Most players take "benevolent" roles on space station like captain, head of security, engineer or clown (roles give mostly privileges, some may give obligations) and focus on whatever they want while trying to keep the station going, some players take "malevolent" roles of regular traitors, changelings, vampires, wizards, etc. and do mostly mischief and evil (they also have specific objectives to achieve). Serious griefing done by players with benevolent roles is forbidden. The "round" of the game usually ends within an hour or one and a half, every round you start with a fresh character.

I find the game pretty interesting, it gives good roleplaying opportunities and there are tons of possible interactions with other players and environment which give an illusion of freedom. As for its flaws the interface is somewhat cumbersome and large number of possible interactions is overwhelming at first (the game is close to roguelike). Also it tends to be laggy. At least it's free to play.

Nuclear Clown said...

Hi there! Sorry for the late reply! I haven't heard of or played that game (not uncommon for how out of the loop I dwell) but it sounds pretty interesting! Currently I am consumed with my Fallout Shelter Vault, but I will check that game out sometime and report my thoughts!