Thursday, April 16, 2015

Murder was the kase that they gave Sub-Zero.

I straight up look like I am about to puke in this still frame.


Anonymous said...

Dave, have you seen the new Mad Max movie? I would love to see a video review of that one.

Nuclear Clown said...

Hi there!

I am actually WAY behind on just about everything. I have FOUR reviews that I need to record and post and all that: Two movie reviews (Mad Max and Avengers) and two album reviews (New Rasputina and new Faith No More) that I will get to when I stop being so FAT AND LAZY. This could, naturally, be a while.

But, yes, I will certainly do a Mad Max review at some point. I saw it when it opened and have been ravenously lazy about just about every aspect of my life.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

Anonymous said...

Cool. Any updates on your recent videogames would be great too. I've been wondering for months if you ever picked up WWE 2K15 as you mentioned it a while back.

Nuclear Clown said...

Hi there! Sorry for the late reply (I am lazy). As for video game updates, I never did pick up the WWE game. I watched too many videos on it and the gameplay just looked beyond sluggish and not very much fun. The reviews for it that I saw were pretty much enough to get me to stay away. If I find it VERY cheap then I will pick it up, but other than that, I think I will see what the next one has to offer!

However, the GREAT new video game news is FALLOUT 4! When I eventually stop being so lazy I should have a pretty good amount of video game stuff to discuss. Thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...

- Is it out of life? It's graveyard quiet in there.
- I recon it got trapped in entertainment snare.
- The beast slumbers for now. But when shall it awaken?
- Fools, it feasts in its lair, still not full of bacon!

Anonymous said...

How can you love a floor wax?
How can you love a diaper?
How can you use the same words to describe how you feel about NCR as you would for a stuffing?

Anonymous said...

Dear count Vlad! How is your health? I noticed, that you look a bit pale and your voice doesn't have much strength. Do you drink enough blood?

I write to ask wheter Vlad the Impaler, legendary Wallachian voivode and you are the same person. If it is true, then do you still keep up your old hobby of impaling?

Keep yourself in the shade!
Your biggest fan, Charles