Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Once, Twice, Three Years a Podcast...

..and I love you!

Seriously, how awesome is Lionel Richie? Anyone that has anything to do with The Commodores is pretty spectacular in my opinion, am I right?

Anyway. the posting of this Blog Post will mark the third year Anniversary of the very first Episode of NUCLEAR CLOWN RADIO, which I will be celebrating(?) with all of you in an upcoming Year Three Podcast. The key word there is "Upcoming"!

Now, my original vision was to post an Anniversary Podcast every year at the exact MINUTE that the first episode was posted, and for the first year Anniversary show, I did just that! However, last year, New Jersey (and my electricity) was still recovering from being Super-Hurri-Franken-Cane-Stormed, which meant my Second Anniversary show had to be delayed and couldn't be released on the exact Anniversary of the first show. Bummer all around!

Unfortunately, I'm gonna be late this year too with an Anniversary Podcast. Gimme a few days and I'll have it, as I have much to discuss. I'm just typing out this little note to say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BURFDAY TYPE THING, NUCLEAR CLOWN RADIO! I'd also like to thank any of you who have taken the time to listen to any of my shows, and hope that there will be a good deal more Anniversaries and Episodes ahead.

Yay for us!


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