Thursday, November 28, 2013


-Billy from Predator problems!
-How to be thankful to the Macho Man Randy Savage!
-Back on the road with Sons of Anarchy Season 5!
-Super secret Black Friday shopping tips on how to save the Human race!
-The finer points of Fishing and Hunting with Ted Nugent's hour of death!
-Boring X-Men substitute teacher Cyclops ricochet parlor tricks?
-Why Microsoft needs to see your penis and the struggle for equal rights!
-On the Irradiated ipod this week: I'm sure we are all thankful for Beck, who plays us out this Episode with a stuffed song from the classic Mellow Gold, here comes "Steal My Body Home"!

Bonus: My new complete and utter smash hit Thanksgiving song "Turkey Beef" is now available to download in two versions! YOU'RE WELCOME.

Lyrics by The Irradiated One/Music by Count Dracula

Well many centuries ago
The Queen of England said fo sho
I need some turkey so let's go
to the new world

She was so tired of Fish and chips
So she built herself three ships
and dropped a bomb on Atlantis
You go girl

When she arrived on foreign shore
Chief Sitting Bull he sure was sore
We gonna scalp you English whore
Any last words?

Yea just these

Me the Queen of England and me got mad rhymes 
Slayin sucka MC's me do that every time
You see me came a long way and sailed across the sea
To stuff me regal Queenie face
Me jackin alla dat turkey

I am Sitting Bull and I don't play that mess
Jack me for my turk? Ho, surely you jest
All my braves and I will fight you to the grim death
Even though you're kinda fly and your rhymes are quite def
It would surely be a shame to scalp an MC like you
Why don't we write some funky jams and you can share all our food

The Queen and Sitting Bull did flow
Then they shared the turkeys yo
Setting aside disses and ranks
To give thanks


Anonymous said...

Thank you Dave and thank you Count,
for music wave and dorky rant.

Nuclear Clown said...

You're very much welcome! Thank you for the listen and temporary use of your ears :]

Anonymous said...

Hi there Dave! Have you tried to play "p&p" rpg online using virtual game tables?

Nuclear Clown said...

Sorry for the late reply (Been ho ho hoing and all that mess)!

I have dabbled VERY LITTLE in the whole Virtual Game table type thingy. I found quite a few pros and cons to this type of RPing, and I will give a more thorough answer in the next Podcast I do (Which, at this rate, will be dropping like it's hot in around mid 2026).

But, to give a flimsy answer to a question I will elaborate on far further later on, I have tried them for a bit. I am not too big a fan, as I feel that focus and attention tend to wander from all parts when you are not locked in a basement staring at people, and I think that it makes the game suffer overall.

Though, it is VERY great for people with no other option.

Happy holiday stuff!