Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A super duper special season's greeting from Nuclear Clown Inc!

No matter what type of ancient happy-time celebratory tradition you personally uphold, won't you please do the Irradiated One a big ol' favor and have a super fantastic holiday season! Please accept this extra special Holiday card on behalf of myself and the ever-jolly Atomic Angie! Ho-ho-ho, Ho!


Anonymous said...

Merry Post-Christmas Irradiated One, let your lightsabers always be sharp.

And by the way - how many Daves would it take to defeat Hulk Hogan in a bar fight? Hogan is 2012 version and moves first.

Nuclear Clown said...

Thank you! Happy Post-Holidays all up in this piece!

As for your question, I have done much research into the topic.

It would take 3 fully grown Daves to defeat the Hulkster in a bar fight.

One Dave needs to subdue the target, and would be used to sit on the Hulkster, thereby further injuring his surgically repaired back and also rendering him helpless while the other two Daves beat the victim into submission.

2 Daves are required for this beating because one would surely die of a heart attack due to the physical exertion of beating a helpless 60 year old man into unconsciousness.

Out of the 3 Daves, two would survive. One of which would remain at the scene and take the blame for the attack and serve the allotted jail sentence while the third Dave made his escape.

In closing, Dave x3 > 2012 Hulk Hogan