Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Atomic Angie is Beautiful Part 7

So, to make a long and frustrating story short, storm no.1 knocked out my Power/Internet for about a week. Then I had Power/Internet for about 4 or 5 days. Storm no.2 knocked out my Internet for a WEEK AND A HALF, and I just not got back on today (I scavenged Internet at a friend's house to upload Episode 89 while I had the chance to). So, hopefully things SHOULD be back to normal(ish) and I can proceed polluting the information highway with audio/visual fast food wrappers. What better way to celebrate my return to the world than with some ANGIE!?!

I normally don't like Black &White pictures of my favorite clown girl because she's such a vibrant and colorful lady and all that, but this picture has a great 50's pinup model type vibe to it that I think looks better than the full color version. However, in the color version her fingernails and toenails were blue, which looked very cute! Anywho, sorry for the huge delay and all that, and I already am backed up on NCR topics for episode 90 and I finished the poster for it last nite, so, barring any more NATURAL DISASTERS or WEEKS without Internet, it should be up sometime this week? I mean, unless we have holidays coming up or whatever...oh..well, that's bogus...

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