Monday, October 15, 2012


-20 years of the Trap!
-The problem with nipples!
-Mumm-Ra the ever living and Skeletor are bringing sexy back!
-An Irradiated Bag O' Donuts!
-What exactly does Belding 3:16 say?
-The Bob Marley monopoly and the birth of the Snoop Lion!
-Wayne Newton: VILLAIN!
-On the Irradiated ipod this week: I have no idea who sings this song, but the Music credits at the end of the game go to Sunny BlueSkyes and Martin Lund. Whether they wrote/performed the "Night Trap Theme Song" is anyone's guess, really. Personally, I like to think that Tina Turner performed it. That's my guess and I will stick to it, see.

BONUS: As stated in the podcast, here is the picture of the original artwork for the Night Trap game, and obviously the inspiration for this Episode's poster image. I SO wish I was aware that this was on ebay at some point, as I would have sincerely done my best to get it! I am not sure how much this ended up selling for, but according to the article HERE, bidding was up to 250 clams with around 6 days left to sell.

BONUS x2: So, as promised, here is the masterwork known as Night Trap in its full cinematic glory. The person who edited this chose to include most of the girls dying. In the game, you would actually lose if this happened, as the goal was to keep as many of them alive as possible. Personally, I would have preferred the perfect ending where you are a good boy and save all the gals from certain doom, but whatev.

BONUS x3: My word, all these Bonuses! Well, I talked about a really cool article on Digitial Pictures and Tom Zito that focused a lot about the creation and making of Night Trap and the whole Full Motion Video game trend in general, so, HERE is the link! 

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