Friday, November 18, 2011


-An Order most Irradiated!
-Let's talk philosophicability-like and stuff!
-Whycome Chief O'Brien is all fascinated with how trousers is put on?
-JDS gets the TKO on FOX!
-No, seriously, I'm just going to be resting my eyes for but a moment...
-A very Special movie review!
-On the Irradiated ipod this week: I got my mind officially blown yesterday by this stuff, so I hope to pass it on to you by sharing a bit of Rasputina with all my Nukelings and Nukelettes out there! From the album Oh Perilous World, here comes one heck of a "Draconian Crackdown!" 


HolidayTrees said...

I don't remember any point in Special where he is throwing himself around. I think you made that part up.

HolidayTrees said...

Pills made dude go crazy.

Guys in suits chasing him were real.

He got lucky by not dying in the car crash. This was not a display of powers.

Antidote worked.

Before pills dude was sane & so was he after he took the antidote.

Just clearing some facts up. :-D

I think you made up a couple scenes in the movie that's adding to your confusion. Were you messing around on your computer while you were watching it?

Nuclear Clown said...

I see I am gonna have to whip out specifics...

56:30 he is flipping around and "getting hit" when no one else is on the screen. He literally does a backflip on his own volition with no one else on the screen, while they play sound effects like he's getting beat up. If the suits are real, why are they invisible during this scene?

Now, assuming the suits are real, then THEY have super powers, because they can turn invisible?

In the same scene. a plank of wood PICKS ITSELF UP FROM THE GROUND and starts hitting him.

I ask, again. Who is using this plank? The suits? You hear their voices (going on in his head, I assume) but you see no one. If they are real, I don't understand why they are completely invisible in this scene.

Hence why I choose to go with the "they aren't real" approach. I took it as, he believes the suits are beating him up, but in actuality, he's just doing it to himself.

I think that if you get completely DECKED with a car going fast as freak, stand up, have the same car back up over you and hit you AGAIN, and you can get outta there with a limp...well, I think you'd have to be the Lucky Charms mascot to be that lucky!

I make up no scenes!

HolidayTrees said...

(First, to answer your questions: The plank user is the more evil agent. He's fighting the agents).

Ok the reason why he is fighting no one is because he made the agent dudes "disappear". Don't you remember that part like a minute before the time span you are talking about? Go to minute 55, when the agents are still in the car talking to Michael...

He does his little magic powers hand thing to make the agents disappear - making them invisible. In his head he deludes himself into not being able to see them. While this is happening they get out of their car and start beating him up.

Again, the agents don't have super powers, it's just that the main character is stuck in his own crazy head and has convinced himself he can't see them. Hence why he can see the board being picked up but can't see the agent holding it.

And yeah, the agents are real because Michael didn't beat himself up. He's not punching himself like Fight Club. He's getting beat up by REAL people.

Also, notice that at the end of that around 59 minutes (Netflix doesn't have seconds) the agents are lying on the floor beat up (which is after Michael beat them up with the wood). You can see them now! They are no longer invisible because Michael has left the scene and you are seeing the scene for what it REALLY is. REAL agents that AREN'T invisible.

I don't know. It just seems so obvious to me that everything in the movie was real EXCEPT for any kind of super powers that the crazy main character made up due to the drugs.

And about not dying from the car hitting him. People in the news have shot themselves point blank in the head with a gun to kill themselves and lived with no injuries. People have walked alway from car crashes worse than what was seen here. Weird things happen in life.

There is a man who jumped off the Golden Gate bridge and lived with a broken bone that healed just fine!

Doesn't this make you believe now? Why won't you believe!!! Damn you!!!!!!!!

(You should really put a character limit on these messages. I'm liable to just keep typing until something stops me!)