Friday, November 4, 2011

Awesome Space Dame Fashion!

Hey, check this girl out.

Seriously, that is some well good shit, right there.

I know that it's a cruddy picture as far as quality/resolution/clarity goes, but I searched for a good THREE OR FOUR minutes via Google to find it, so I have exhausted the limits of my effort-pool to bring you this. What was that, you ask? Is this just some random piece of young, soft lovely that I'm posting for kicks? Of course not. On the next Nuclear Clown Radio broadcast I will be talking about JASON X, where space meets machete to the delight of no one, save myself. I bring up this girl specifically in the Podcast, and I promised myself I would post a picture of her so everyone could see what I was talking to.

See, this girl right here isn't normally my type. I like girls with chin length bobbed hair, huge, unwieldy breasts and hips that could tip over a Buick. This girl here is thin, not tremendously busty, and is pretty lithe of frame. So, what's the big, then? 

Easy! Style. Her outfit is fantastic and cute and boner-encouraging, and proves a point that clothing and style are often times more important and sexier than the person actually sporting the clothes to begin with. So, if you wanna see lovely Janessa here prancing about for about an hour and a half in that unbelievably sexy outfit, go watch Jason X on the Netflix instant Queue and you and your boner can have some great laughs!

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