Tuesday, August 30, 2011


-What is wrong with my hiccups?
-Earthquakes and Hurricanes and I!
-The fine art of the Sequel!
-Gay transvestite learning disabled blind scientologist Spider-Man!
-Fantasy Football: Dungeons & Dragons for jocks!
-The Dark Knight still sucks!
-Surf's up Gary Busey!
-On the Irradiated ipod this week: Sonic Youth is good enough to play us out this week, with a song from their album Washing Machine, the spin-dried delight "Saucer-Like!"


HolidayTrees said...

It's not just you that thinks nothing good has come out in a long time.

I try to go to the movie theater about once a month. Every time I look at the movies playing I decide not to go. There really hasn't been a good movie out in so damn long.

It's really just repeats of the same shit. Either a sequel or a remake or a story line that's already been done a million times.

Your rambling about the Dark Knight reminded me about when I saw it in the theaters. I was on a date with this guy I was infatuated with but he also made me feel somewhat self-conscience (which may be why I felt the need to lie as you shall see).

So anyways, the whole 2 1/2 hours watching the movie (or however long it was) I was so bored and confused. I didn't know what was going on half the time in the plot line and I just did not like it at all for a million reasons (which when I got home my roommate had to hear all of them).

I guess since I see my reality as the true reality I assumed my date wasn't enjoying the movie either. I also saw him shifting a lot in his seat and thought that confirmed it.

So when it was over in the parking lot I ask him what he thought. I thoroughly expected him to go "Meh..." or "Ahhh..."" or do one of his other stally things when he doesn't really like something.

But instead he replied with, "It was pretty good!"

I remember being caught so completely off guard by his approving tone that I just immediately spouted, "Yeah it was!!"

And then I just stopped talking. I remember the whole thing just being awkward for me which may be why I despise that movie so much. Not just because it's bad but because it put me in that horrible situation where I didn't want to ruin the night by being negative.

Nuclear Clown said...

You gave in to peer pressure!

It really is sad though, because I was so looking forward to the movie, and went into it in a positive attitude and was expecting something really good.

Also, I finally saw the trailer for the next Batman movie and man, it is pretty underwhelming looking! though I am assuming it's just because it is one of those early "Teaser" deals, and that more elaborate trailers are on the way that will be better.