Monday, August 15, 2011


-I <3 August?
-The strange bedside manner of Doctor Beverly Von Doom!
-Miraculous things you can buy with two dollars and eighty-eight cents!
-Co-Nan or Co-Nin? You make the call! 
-Everybody travels through time except me and my cat!
-The end of the Last Emperor?
-The Punk Code and how to defy it!
-On the Irradiated ipod this week: A truly unsung and underrated effort from Red Hot Chili Peppers plays us out this time, with a sliver of audio from One Hot Minute, the completely compelling "Transcending!" 

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HolidayTrees said...

Yeah, Patrick Stewart is attractive in a "he's so confident and smart" kind of way. At least that's how he acts in Star Trek. Never seen him act in anything else.

With the bridge male crew of Star Trek, I probably find Riker the least attractive. And I'm sure that men and women alike would agree that he has the most generic good looks. The thing with Picard, Worf and Data is that their attitudes are what make them awesome. They all act so controlled and smart that Riker practically gets lost in them as a bachelor.

So yeah, I think most women agree with the assessment that a confident intelligent attitude far outweighs a pretty face.