Tuesday, June 7, 2011


-In the end there can only be one review of Highlander!
-What did they do to my White Queen?
-Breaking News: Barbarian legions enact new Politically Correct non-plunder policy!
-Tough Enough ends dumb enough!
-My magnificent vanishing store!
-The Incredible Hulk is still Pretty Green!
-America Online keeps it real old school in 2011!
-On the Irradiated ipod this week: The brothers Gallagher take a few minutes out of their busy day of constantly beating on each other to play a song for us, as Oasis kindly gifts us with the (sorta) title track from their second batch of songs (What's the Story) Morning Glory!


HolidayTrees said...

What did you mean by "I don't mean like a tool video"

So what's a "tool video"?

HolidayTrees said...

Is Oasis really still around?

Nuclear Clown said...

Question 1!
Tool is a band formed in the early 90's that have some pretty freaky music videos that scare me and give me nitemares.

Question 2!
Yes and no. Oasis as a band broke up a few years ago (I think in 2009.) However, all the members of Oasis (minus the lead songwriter) formed a new band called Beady Eye that just came out with their first release.

HolidayTrees said...

For some reason it never crossed my mind that you were actually talking about a tool music video.

It figured "tool video" was some kind of term in movie making. lol.

Yuck Oasis....you lost 1 point. *puts away NCR notebook*

Nuclear Clown said...

NO! But...but...if I lose a point on my grade I will not maintain my healthy D- average and not be able to go on ski vacation to Aspen with the rest of the cheerleaders!