Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Nuke Troop: Pages 1-3

Hi there. Remember this?

I posted this cryptic picture way way back in late January of this year. There was a reason for that. I started doodling for a comic book idea I thought would be pretty fun of the story about myself, Atomic Angie, Count Dracula and the spirit of my dead cat banding together to be a super hero team who dispenses justice in post-apocalyptic New Jersey. It was my intention to put up a couple of pages every once in a while, and do a sort of ongoing story thing. You know, just something for fun.

So, in classic Dave fashion, I did three pages and then forgot about it forever. With 2014 pretty much over, I started to feel REALLY bad that I didn't deliver on my little promise, so, I present to you the initial 3 pages of my comic called NUKE TROOP. Before we start, I make the following disclaimers:

-Of course, I will be posting further pages SPORADICALLY, because I am lazy/incompetent/whatever. By now, you should come to expect this. I think this will be a fun project, though, and I have some story ideas I really want to do. I will publish the comic in 3 page spurts.

-There will be tons of spelling and grammar mistakes in this. This is because I am a dummy.

So, you have been warned.

PS: I set this to post at 11:59 pm on December 31st. See? I said it would be out in 2014, and I told the truth. I always keep my promises!

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