Tuesday, April 15, 2014


-Enter the Global Force?
-Red spray tanned gypsy Undertaker problems!
-The second generation curse and how to overcome it!
-Triple H: Miracle worker!
-Mr. T 3:16 says I love my Momma!
-Andre the Giant butt-bash tales!
-Judith Light/Charlotte shows us who's the boss of NXT!
-On the Irradiated ipod this week: MD.45 plays us out this week with a song from their album The Craving, giving us a bit of a "Segue"!


HolidayTrees said...

So my wi-fi went out and the a-holes at centurylink said they can't fix it for a week! A damn week! So not only can i not get any work done, but obviously any netflix, youtube, online gaming is impossible. But...NCR episodes are downloaded on my computer so I have something to listen to while I play old ps1 games waiting for my life to resume next Wednesday. Thanks as always :-) You are a life saver and should receive tax credits for all your charity.
(message posted using my crap phone that is about to drop to 2g due to my increase of data usage).

Nuclear Clown said...

Gad zooks! No internet should be outlawed by the good forces of creation. Well, I sure hope you get plugged back in as soon as humanly possible, and being included in the same sentence as PS1 puts me in good company.

I remember in Bushido Blade the last boss had a GUN or something. So unfair. It's not Bushido Bang!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave! I'm not the biggest Star Wars connoisseur, but I find this fan short surprisingly well done: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9m5nvlN6sk

Nuclear Clown said...

Hey there! Sorry about the lateness of the reply.

There are a ton of Star Wars fan videos out there, and some of them really go all out on producing them. I've seen some really nifty ones.

I hope that these new movies will at least show us some new Sith/Jedi powers! Choke/Lightning over and over again is a bit much. We need some more variety, methinks!