Monday, April 15, 2013


-Comprehensive Star Wars: The Old Republic 2.0 coverage!
-Comprehensive WrestleMania 29 coverage!
-Comprehensive Monday Night Raw coverage!
-Comprehensive Walking Dead season 3 coverage!
-Comprehensive Game of Thrones coverage!
-Comprehensive Atlantic City coverage!
-Comprehensive sniffling, sneezing and sickness!
-On the Irradiated ipod this week: Rasputina plays us out of our 100th Episode spectacular with a lovely little number from Frustration Plantation, it's "Oh, Injury"!

BONUS: Here are some fairly neat pictures from my awesome weekend at the new(ish) Atlantic City casino  Revel, and some pictures and video from WrestleMania the following day. Enjoy!

Dave approves of huge windows everywhere.
I cracked up seeing a grown man holding hands with a boy while having "SUCK IT" plastered in huge letters on the back of his shirt. Will someone please alert child protective services?
FUCK YES. This guy was the highlight of my life.
I couldn't help myself.

Here is Roman Reigns of the Shield.

Here is Seth Rollins of the Shield. I would have loved to see Dean Ambrose to collect the set, but it was not meant to be. Also, Seth Rollins/Tyler Black always reminded me of Perry Farrell for some reason.

Are you a fan of the back of Jerry Lawler's head? ENJOY.

I was quite upset that Damien Sandow's match was scratched from the card, but here he is!

Heath Slater, Darren Young and I think one of the Uso's, but I'm not sure.

Ryback clears a path for the Undertaker in his Pope mobile. You can see Chris Jericho if you look real close riding in the back of the golf cart thingy. BY THE WAY, at the very end of this video there is a REALLY annoying, dorky sounding giggle. That is NOT me, but is, in fact, the guy standing to the right of me. I make some pretty horrible sounds, but  that is certainly not one of them.

This guy screaming right in John Cena's face makes me smile sometimes.

Here is the Rock for a little bit.

My brother took way better video than I did (I am the dummy taking videos with the camera not turned to landscape view) and made this nice compilation!


Anonymous said...

For some reason the download isn't working for this video.

I'll check again later.

Nuclear Clown said...

I have noticed that the non-youtube videos won't load at all when viewed on my ipad or iphone (which is odd, being that they were filmed on an ipad). I will probably, to condense this post a bit, remove all the single videos, since all the single videos are edited together in the one convenient Youtube video that my brother made for the event.

Thanks for the heads up!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, nice compilation by your brother, introduction music caught my ear, what is that?

Nuclear Clown said...

The intro music of the video is Jack Swagger's new theme song. It's much better than his old one (more fitting for the character I think), but it is a bit generic. We're getting there!