Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Comic Books are neat every now and again.

On my last Podcast I talked a bit about my favorite super duper comic book team, X-Statix. Yes, the name is stupid. In fact, I hate it. It is possibly one of the worst super hero team names that I could think of. However, even that could not stop me from adoring this book, which lasted, all told, about 40 or so issues. I don't do Blog Posts often, but I feel that this one warrants one, with pictures, too!

See? Pictures. Small pictures...sorry, but I couldn't find high res, biggish pictures in the 2 seconds it took me to Google this stuff. 

So, why do I love this comic so much? I could go on about how in pretty much every issue someone dies and STAYS dead (Accept for Dead Girl, because, well, that's her thing...getting dead and coming back), or maybe even how the art and colors are so unique and vibrant. Oh, or maybe I could go on about how pretty much all the female members have shorter hair, and that I want to have ravenous and sloppy sexual dealings with Lacuna. 

Sure, I could try to make all these points, but I'll settle for one: X-Statix was going to do a story arc about Princess Diana (Yes, that Princess Di) coming back from the dead and becoming the leader of the team. You think I'm joking? Look it up, or settle for the following picture.

Balls? Oh yea, that takes some balls.

Now, this never actually happened, because someone threw a shit fit and the idea was scrapped. So, instead of Princess Di, they changed the name and story so that it was an international Pop star (who looked EXACTLY like the good Princess, only with black hair. I have pictures for that, too).

Hey, I still give it an "A" for effort.

X-Force/X-Statix is my favorite comic book for a lot of reasons, and it also had a goddamn wolfman in it. There isn't really anything else I could say to sell this shit beyond that. WOLFMAN. I don't think that this comic is really very popular when it is all said and done, but it's definitely worth checking out if you have the means. Also, since it never made any money, I can rest assured that hollywood will never, ever decide to desecrate the fond memories I have of it by doing an extremely shitty CGI fest movie. 

Sometimes obscurity can be a good thing.

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