Monday, October 31, 2011

Perhaps Nothing is Made. A Pizza Without a Craftsman...

So, Halloween is today...I think. See, I live in an area where some people do the whole trick or treat dealy on the 30th, and some people do it on the 31st. I have no idea what is the real date, but my friend google claims that today is Halloween. So, as part of my campaign to begin trick-or-treating online, I present to you my costume this year, thanks to my horrid photoshop skills, I proudly(?) bring to you...FAT DOCTOR MANHATTAN!


PS: I went to three different stores just now to find car window defroster spray, and NOBODY had any. No, they weren't sold out, but flat out didn't have any yet. Can you believe that? Also, since I've done my part of the bargain and dressed up all in my costume, you can mail me food at your earliest convenience. I like pizza. Just leave it in my mailbox and we'll call it even. That is all.

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