Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I said I was going to puke up some Bonus Audio during the latest episode of NCR, and a Dave always keeps his promises! CRIT SCHOOL is a one time audio blurb I did about the sweet (Read: lonely) science of role playing, and in this LONG ASS file I talk about all sorts of aspects about running games and the like. I go over my personal philosophy on Game Mastering, as well as talk about my pet peeves and even give an adventure by adventure run down of one of the Campaigns I ran some time ago.

WARNING: This chunk of audio is solely about Role Playing Games, and I talk about absolutely nothing else. It is also FOUR HOURS long, so seriously, unless you like this sort of shit a LOT, you certainly will hate this! You have been more than warned.


David said...

This was a fantastic episode that I really enjoyed listening to. Best RPG advice I've heard.

Keep up the great work Dave!

Nuclear Clown said...

Thank you kindly for having the patience/fortitude/constitution to sit through it! It was fun to do and I'm glad you liked it!

Thanks a bunch for listening and commenting, fellow Dave!