Friday, July 8, 2011


-How I learned to tell time!
-That tricky silent T!
-Kick all kinds of habits with a simple pill and a trip to Mexico!
-Vulcan stair running loneliness!
-Where have all the 24 hour stores gone?
-Suckers! Punches! Dragons!
-More accidental deletions and computer time folly!
-On the Irradiated ipod this week: From his downright spectacular classic album Aladdin Sane, David Bowie is all smiles with his terribly lovely song "Lady Grinning Soul!"


HolidayTrees said...

I swear that it gets harder and harder to hear you with each episode.

Basically, the song you play in the beginning and your little special effects are at a much better volume.

But yeah, I even have had to attach louder computer speakers which is fine but now I even have those literally turned up all the way and I can still barely hear you.

Any way you can make your speaking voice louder? Pretty please?

Nuclear Clown said...

Heya, Trees!

Sorry that the levels were off on this week's show. I'm still trying to fine tune everything due to the new setup. And ACTUALLY, I went back into the unmixed Episode 37 Audacity file to try and fix the levels of the speaking tracks, but guess what? Of course, disaster strikes and the files are fucked up, so unfortunately, there is nothing I can do about it this week.

However, moving forth I will be more mindful of the varying volumes on the audio tracks. Thanks for listening and pointing it out!

HolidayTrees said...

That H documentary sounds like a good one. I knew that you were going to say that they all eventually started using again. H is impossible to quit if you shoot.

Honestly, I am blown away when I sometimes hear about someone actually staying off the shit for more than a year after having been addicted for x amount of months, years, whatever.

I've heard so many crazy stories that involve that crap and it's just insane. When you really start to think about it, it's amazing that the stuff even exists. Whether it's naturally or unnaturally. It's a fantastic drug.